Endless Eyes

I find it frustrating that it is considered socially awkward to look someone in the eye without talking. I love eye contact and I think it shows a lot about a person to be able to hold it… given you connect with the person or are comfortable with them. The article I read about eye contact specified that if you combined eye contact with a smile, it is socially acceptable.

As far as staring goes, it is beyond creepy if caught. Staring can be defined as looking at someone for longer than 5 seconds.  I recently took a few trips to the southwest part of the valley, close to the air-force base and I must say I have never been stared at more in my life. I may have looked over dressed for the places I was in, but every which direction I turned I saw multiple men staring at me (some very good looking I might add). I soon realized I was have a slight case of culture shock in the same city. Seeing how I was close to a military base, the men could be from different parts of the country and may need training on deflecting their eyes before they get caught. To my benefit, they did not and I got an ego boost lol.

Seeing how I am single, holding a gaze is not a problem… but for those romantically involved with others, is it okay for them to look? According to Every Man’s Battle, looking longer than 5 seconds is trouble. This is not saying you can not maintain eye contact with another during conversation, but checking them out!! No no.

And so in the spirit of staring, I wrote a poem about eyes connecting… if there were no windows to the soul, we’d be lost… but sometimes it just makes things MORE confusing.

Endless Eyes

Your eyes endlessly stare
As if they are captured in a picture
They are still

Glued to my heart they stick
And I can not tear them off.

I would keep your heart in mine
But it would only stay for a while
Long enough for you to regain your stare and glance elsewhere.

You won’t allow the cosmos their way
Instead you peacefully wait

For a moment that will never come
For an opportunity that has already passed

So I sit and stare
At the opportunities I can see but not make real.
My dreams stare endlessly, but all that’s left is me.


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