Dying to Breakup!?

Don't bother

Breakups have to be the most melodramatic event in a person’s life. From the outside it looks overplayed. From the inside, it is very confusing and frustrating. I can only relate it to the image of a grown woman pulling out her hair on the inside while looking calmly at her boyfriend on the outside. For any women watching, they would know this is the look of death, but to an average Joe, it is only discontentment.

I’ve experienced a melodramatic break up many years ago. I even wrote a poem about my frustrations during it. Read below and let me know what you think.

An Empty Stare

I’ve starred at our promises
I’ve starred at our dreams…
And nothing is changing.

I’ve starred at your heart
And I’ve looking into mine,
And yours are not my desires.

How can we desire someone so different for our lives?
How can we desire but not choose to be of the same mind?

We argue differences that don’t matter
We agree we have not found a way
And yet we disagree to move on.

We both know it is what we need but it is something you do not want.

Why do you cling to me like I am your heart beat?
Why won’t you loosen your grip if you refuse to offer me anything for my happiness?

It has always been about your dreams.
It has always been a path for you.
It has always been your life and me to follow…
But you can’t have it all, for you would not pay the price-

The price for my life and I will not pay it with my own
For what good is a dead wife laying beside you…
As if you were not really alone?



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